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International famous meet domestic pioneers

This theater arts section showcases some of the most renowned artists, theater masters, dance, and physical performers from around the world. Bold and innovative minds explore new frontiers of artistic expression and open infinite possibilities for the audience. Their performances become a turning wheel of art by the seaside, bringing the audiences a rich sense of visual experiences.


Theater youth make waves!

Evolution Arts will take the "Migratory Bird 300" programme, which has been attracting much attention in the domestic art field, as its main theme, to create a stage for young creators. Using "migratory birds" as a metaphor, the programme creates an innovative platform with network, bringing together 300 creators from different backgrounds, providing them with a space to live and create together for 300 hours, and building an experience of "life - creativity - practice - expression".



Inside the theater, Outside the theater

The Public Arts Program offers a variety of sections such as Seaside Dialogues, Seaside Workshops, Seaside Screenings, Seaside Theater Parades & Seaside Bonfires, and the Young Director Summit. Through these experiences, we gain a deeper understanding of the world we live in and the connections between theater and contemporary life.



The Immersive Theater Universe

As the most imaginative section of the Aranya Theater Festival, Crossover Art explores multiple expressions in time and space with the main content of Theatre House and The 9+9 Scenography Artists exhibition. It also incorporates multi-media art installations and live music, aiming to break boundaries and integrate multiple artistic disciplines to create a more diverse cultural experience.

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